Terms & Conditions


-Accounts are due for payment on or before the last day of the month following the day of supply unless the sale is cash or on a short credit basis.


-We reserve the right not to accept orders against any account at any time at our discretion without necessarily giving any reason for doing so.


-Description and/or illustrations shown or given in any catalogues must be considered as showing class and/or type only and cannot act as a gurantee as to size,shape,colour and performance.


-Goods are supplied on the condition that they remain our property until payment has been received.


-In the event of payment not being made in accordance with our credit terms, the total of the price of the goods become immedaitely due for the payment.


-When goods are delivered to site,the customer is to provide,free of charge,reaonable assistance in unloading and stacking.Our obligation is to deliver to site as a safe hard road permits.


-We will not accept any liability for material broken or signed for as "not examined".No responsiblity can be accepted for damages or shortages unless the goods are signed for such on the delivery note.


-Unless agreed otherwise by us in writing the above terms and conditions togther with the conditions laid down by individual manufacturers shall apply to all orders placed with us.Any conditions or stipulations ina customer's order from shall be deemed inapplicable to any order placed with us unless agreed by us in writing on receiving the order.


-Whilst we endeavour to assist by delivering on your premises we cannot accept responsibility for any damges caused by our vehicles.